The execution of any project is not to just implement and tick a box.  With any process, system or technology, the understanding of the change, the acceptance and willing to adopt is paramount to any project's success and is often under scoped or ignored.  Setting the benefits baseline at the before commencement of the project is essential so as to correctly measure success.

No matter how large and complex or standard a project is, being able to manage projects that are risky or strategically significant is critical to the success of many businesses. CSO Group works side-by-side with leading businesses to manage projects so that they meet their objectives and are delivered both on time and within budget. We use proven practices to help business projects succeed.

Our project management capabilities include:

  • Governance: We develop and deliver a program and project framework that ensures the stakeholders are able to effectively and efficiently make decisions and have clear meaningful information communicated.
  • Program management office: We allocate and manage limited resources to optimise outcomes across a suite of projects.
  • Project management: We use proven practices to manage complex multidisciplinary projects so they deliver on their objectives, on time and within budget.  Our project managers are strong communicators and are able to traverse the business and technical landscapes to cover all stakeholders.