Cyber criminals run their activities with ruthless effectiveness.  Whether their goal is to steal your data assets, inflict malware on your systems, or control and subvert your systems for financial gain, you can no longer afford to rely on technology as a protection strategy.

How prepared is your organisation to detect, defend and respond to these increasing threats?

CSO Group has established a comprehensive business-centric Security Framework which captures the best in industry and government frameworks. Our highly experienced advisory services team follow this business-centric framework when reviewing organisational cyber risk and when establishing enterprise-wide security strategies, plans and programs.

Our services aim to provide you with a holistic approach to security so as to balance the right combination of technical controls, processes and policies to effectively protect your organisation's critical assets. We do this by assessing your current security strengths and capability and then develop a security program built on industry best practice, regulatory standards and real world experience aligned to your organisations business objectives and budget.

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