Our Vision

To be Australia's most Trusted Cyber Security Specialists

Who We Are

At CSO Group our mission is to deliver business value to our customers.

CSO Group provides ICT security services and solutions to protect Australian businesses from advanced cyber threats.

Cyber Security has often been an "after-thought" for a lot of organisations or perceived as purely a technology issue. However, in a world where the scale and scope of cyber threats and breaches are increasing, the cyber security posture and defence capabilities of organisations are rapidly becoming a business issue that requires a mature strategy and approach that involves commitment from both technology and business.

At CSO, we work with organisations to demystify cyber security and simplify the end-to-end thinking, process and management of security capability and strategies to mitigate business risks and threats.

With the right mix of business and technical skills and capabilities, we provide a holistic approach to protect organisations and deliver true business value.

In 2020, we introduced our Managed Cyber Assurance Service known as the CSO Group Spectra Alliance Service; the first-of-its-kind scalable, integrated, zero trust security solution in partnership with the Spectra Alliance - CrowdStrike, Netskope, Proofpoint and OKTA.

It is through our strong relationships with our partners that we are able to deliver high-quality benefits and outcomes to our customers.

CSO Group was recognised as the Crowdstrike Rising Star of ANZ and APJ for 2020 and placed fourth in the 2019 CRN Fast50.

Our Values


Focus on highly capable staff and the pursuit of quality outcomes for our customers


Being viewed by our customers and community to hold the highest levels of integrity


We are recognised for our values, knowledge and high-quality benefits we deliver for our customers


Above all, we are trusted advisors by our partners and customers.